Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Working Release

Something actually downloadable and runnable, at last :)
Image result for release software
I've added a link to the release directory, which contains a zip with two further files (click on the file then RAW to open it.... I think) one of which is SDL.dll, the SDL dynamic link library, and the other is the emulator.

All you can do is run it at the moment.

The commands are (apart from assembler ones)

  • A [aaaa] set current address
  • B [bb] [bb] [bb] ... enter bytes at current address
  • C clear screen
  • D [aaaa] disassemble from current address
  • G aaaa run program
  • GET [aaaa] read tape to addresss aaaa
  • L nn set label nn to current address
  • M [aaaa] memory dump
  • PUT [nnnn] write nnnn bytes from current address to tape I/O

All the source and so on should be up to date ; also the hardware version source is released, this requires platformio to build it.

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