Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Font changes for Trek

Over the years, there has arisen a standard set of graphics for text star trek, derived from David Ahl's version.

These are things like +++ for Klingons and <*> for the Enterprise.

To keep these (the Tiny Basic Trek actually has slightly different ones, but I prefer the classics) I've made some amendment to the font, adding eight font characters, 2 per graphic.

I have to do this because at some point I will show the short range scan which is an 8 x 8 grid. On a 16 x 8 screen, this gives (obviously) 2 characters per 'cell', and the graphics are three characters per cell.

So as you can see (in the top left of the snap) I have "Poked" 224 and 225 into the first two bytes of display memory, and it shows a <*> which will be the Enterprise.

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