Monday, 11 January 2016

Maths routines added.

Well, the arithmetic is done, though I do want to test it a bit more – at present it is only the four basic operations.

I’m considering adding a random number generator and ASCII to/from integer functions to it. Probably in the opposite order.

I want to write some code to test the arithmetic functions better , especially multiply and divide – they seem to work as far as they go (e.g. the 16 x 16 bit multiply only yields 16 bit results and so on.

Memory-wise I have 256 bytes left of the ROM monitor.

Though as you can see I’ve wasted 35 bytes of that on displaying a prompt when the machine first boots up, and it beeps to announce it has booted.  This is running on the replica , so far there seems to be no problems of consistency between the replica and the emulator at all, which is good.

Once I've played with it a bit more and finished the extra operations then I will release the source to the emulator(s) - they share the same source, mostly - the only differences are I/O, obviously, and things like ROM code is in Flash ROM on the hardware version and Byte Arrays in the PC version.

Question of the day: how can Microsoft with all the improvement in CPU speeds etc. still have a word processor that runs worse than Word 2.0 on a 386 ?

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