Monday, 25 January 2016

Building a galaxy, one atom at a time.

Primarily for reasons of space , I'm not going to directly port Tiny BASIC Trek. I had a look at various small Treks and concluded they were all too big, so I decided to write it from scratch and use the Computing Today as a base for ideas.

Minol isn't very compact - it doesn't have any tokenising so keywords like PRINT, which is stored in one byte in most BASIC interpreters, is stored in 2 (it is PR). It doesn't sound like much but over time it does get a bit cramped.
I think though that I will get most of the features in - it might be a bit rough and ready, but it will work. So far, I've done all the set up - the creation of the initial galaxy, and the creation of the new 'quadrant' from that galaxy data, which means I can start to work on the movement routines next.

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