Thursday, 21 January 2016

Adding some preprocessor stuff

Image result for macrosHaving done a bit of testing, I've decided to add a sort of very basic Macro processor for writing MINOL code.

Instead of everything being upper case, which I always think is horribly unreadable, I've made everything lower case.

Anything in upper case is a macro, which has a straight text substitution.

This allows me to write code like

:Energy e

To define a macro which is a variable, and then write

Energy = Energy + 1

which the system converts into e = e + 1 automatically. This should improve readability no-end, even though it is very primitive.

For development, I'm also going to cheat slightly and speed the emulated CPU up a lot, just to make running it quicker. The first thing the program does is to set up the quadrants and so on, which would take long enough to be annoying each time I run it.

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