Sunday, 17 January 2016

Running programs, after a fashion ....

Well, we sort of have it running MINOL. Very shoddily, but it does work, and as defined by the document from DDJ.

Admittedly you do have to type it into the assembler  directly , well, with a macro anyway – but it does sort of work and seem to do what it’s supposed to. It's junk code, just testing various things.

 20 GOTO 20
 30 LETB=69:LETA=42:C=A+B:END
 120 D=D+1:(0,4)=D:(12,130)=69:GOTO120
 130 A=!:B='@':C=42:D=0-1:GOTO130
 140 IF1#255;A=A+1:B=B+1
 150 IF255#255;C=C+1:D=D+1
 200 LETA=0
 210 LETA=A+1:IFA#250;GOTO210
 240 PR42,69,Y
 241 PR "A:",A,"STAR TREK"
 242 PR "(",$(144,33),")"

Next up, the console stuff – editing programs, running commands from the keyboard and so on.

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