Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Monitor Complete (again)

Well, pretty much. Should now be version 0.92. I’m hoping this is a fairly stable version now.

This one no longer has a random number generator, but has an integer to ASCII routine, which appears to work fine.

So I will upload this to github and sometime tomorrow upload the emulator and hardware source, so people can actually run this if they are so inclined.

After that, think through VTL-2 and get used to the language. It puts me in mind of APL a bit.

Actually what it is really is a sort of transport triggered architecture BASIC, where moving something from one place to another does something. There’s only one instruction (assignment statement), but if you assign to ? it prints the number, if you assign to $ it prints the character and so on. You “GOTO” (boo !) by assigning to #. Editing is done a la BASIC (e.g. line numbers) and you can execute from the command line like you do in BASIC.

It gives it a 87”*&£(*!”&(&(!*”&£( sort of look, which isn’t helped by the use of the 6 bit ASCII character set as variables, so you can use = as a variable, an operator, and an assignment.

So in VTL-2 you can write, as an instruction.


Quiz of the day : what does this do ?

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