Saturday, 28 November 2015

Introduction to my Retrochallenge 2016

Nice subtle 70s cover (cheap trick indeed)
When I was about 14, I had been reading the magazine “Electronics Today International” for 2 or 3 years. They started a series which was an introduction to the Microprocessor based around the Motorola 6800, which went on for about a year. By the end, I wanted to work in Computers rather than Electronics.

As we couldn’t afford to buy a computer, I designed my own on Wallpaper that my Grandmother had left over and wrote some software for it. Some of that wallpaper turned up in a clearout a few months back ; enough to figure the system out (almost all circuit diagrams).

My Retrochallenge for January 2016 is to recreate it to a reasonable degree of accuracy, and write a monitor and simple high level language for it, and get Star Trek running on it.

* I think not being able to understand PAL timing at 14 is not unreasonable …..

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